Atlas 3 Stall Roundhouse - HO Scale

$41.25 $37.79


Add more Roundhouse units to create a bigger facility! (Expandable in 3-Stall Sections)

HO Roundhouse  is designed for use with the Atlas HO Manual Turntable #0305 or the Atlas Turntable Motor Drive Unit #0304 (sold separately)

For each Roundhouse stall, a 9″ straight, a 3″ straight and an 1-1/2″ straight are required (sold separately) Atlas Code 83 or Code 100 track recommend.

  • Modular construction
  • Opening doors
  • Two different styles of ventilators
  • Assembles easily (plastic compatible glue required but not included)
  • Office which can be positioned in multiple locations
  • 3 Stalls spaced at 15°