Kato EMD SD70ACe DCC Equipped Locomotive Union Pacific #9066 - N Scale

$280.00 $229.79


UNION PACIFIC with Pre-installed Train Control Systems DCC.

Overview: The SD70ACe is the latest in the line of EMD’s “70” locomotives, an evolution of the SD70MAC, although its radiator design harkens more to that of the SD80/90 body. The SD70ACe has been designed to fit the latest EPA standards and regulations, and sports 4300 horsepower. The Union Pacific has currently put in the largest purchase order for these units, and as a display of respect for the railroads it has incorporated, has produced six “Heritage” style painted locomotives with road numbers designated by the year they were merged into the UP.


Three unique body styles to match the railroads who use them.

Prototype-accurate bolsterless non-radial HTSC truck and five chime airhorn

Exceptional and crisp molding to accentuate the distinct angular lines of the nose and high dynamic brake

Powerful five-pole KATO motor with dual brass flywheels

Directional Headlight and illuminated, preprinted numberboards

Illuminated ditch lights

Kato magnetic knuckle coupler

DCC Friendly mechanism ready for drop-in decoder installation