PCB012 Power Distribution Board Self-Adapt Distributor LED Street Light Hub DC AC Voltage Train Power Control

$25.15 $22.94


  • You can select any type for power input,4V to 24V, AC or DC. There is no limit on the input current because there is an output current controller which can adapt the output current.
  • Contains dimmer control for LED lights and can adjust light brightness.(Clockwise=brighter)
  • Output Voltage Controller: Controller at 3V, output is stable 3V; Controller at DIR, output is near to the input; Controller at 12V, output is stable 12V.
  • One distributor can support up to 28 lights. It is easy to expand to several boards if you need to use more light. Please connect the lights that need the same current and voltage in one distributor. Do not mix the lights with different operating current and voltage on the same distributor. You can install another Power Distribution Board for separate current and voltage requirements.
  • The total output current must be less than the input current. For example, normally one led light need 20mA, a single 1000mA transformer can support 50 such led lights, but it will only support 10 100mA bulb lights.