Prodigy Advance Squared LCD Walkaround Handheld Throttle from MRC



Product description

Expand your Prodigy Advanced Squared with an additional handheld throttle from MRC Add another handheld to your Prodigy Advance or Prodigy Express DCC layout. LCD display screen with quick readout. Fast clock with adjustable ratios. Program all CVs with ease. 14-28/128 speed steps. Program on the main or the program track without affecting active locos. Capable of 20 accessory functions, so it can handle multi-function sound system. Advanced consisting. Telephone-type cable provided. Quick-start instructions printed on the back. INCLUDES: (1) Walkaround Controller REQUIRES: Prodigy Advance DCC System or Prodigy Express with Expansion Plate COMMENTS: Does not support non-decoder equipped or analog locos. For Prodigy Advance DCC System Only.