Walthers Mainline 40' Rebuilt Steel Boxcar Detroit, Toledo & Ironton - HO Scale

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Product description

Bring realistic variety to your HO steam- and diesel-era freight service with these detailed replicas from Walthers Mainline. Based on later rebuilds and upgrades of standard 40′ boxcar designs, these cars were in general freight service from the 1920s to the 1960s, with many rebuilt for work train service lasting into the 1980s. Nicely detailed, fully assembled and affordably priced to make it easy to expand your fleet, features of these models include:

Correct lower height brings realistic variety to steam- & diesel-era freight trains
Highly detailed one-piece body simulates steel sides applied to later rebuilds
5-5-5 Murphy steel ends
Ribbed steel roof
Fishbelly underframe
Vertical handbrake staff
Bettendorf trucks
Finely detailed AB brake gear